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Gates & Railing Services Belfast


Increased Level Of Security

We manufacture and install all types of iron products, we only use the best materials whether it’s a single gate to a house requiring executive, wrought iron drive gates, wall top railings and balconies.

The components we use to build both the designs in our Standard  ranges include railheads, bars and bushes carefully sourced from our tried and trusted suppliers.


We make to your exact measurements

From wrought iron style gates, wrought iron style railings and wrought iron style handrails, we provide what you desire.

  • Automatic Gates
  • Driveway Gates
  • Security Gates
  • Railings and Fences
  • Tall garden gates for added privacy
  • Metal garden arches
  • Metal wedding arches
  • Steel Lintels
  • Balconies



Automatic, Driveways & Security Gates Services Belfast


There are many benefits to having wrought iron driveway gates such as:

  • Heightened security
  • Controlled access with an interlocking system
  • No trespassers – In Scotland there are no laws against trespassing but you can discourage them with a gate
  • No arbitrary sales visits
  • Increases the value of property
  • Bespoke design manufacture
  • Gives a great first impression to your visitors
  • Easy sliding or swinging motion
  • Increased privacy, especially with one of our metal screened gates
  • No unwanted cars parking or turning in your drive
  • Keeps the kids and pets safely behind the gates
  • The look of a driveway gate can give the impression of a house that uses the best security

Our specialist fabricators have the capabilities to produce personal and unique wrought iron gates made to your personal specifications. Whatever your requirements, we are confident that we can produce iron gates that can really benefit your commercial or domestic setting.

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