Home Restoration Services

Home Restoration Services Belfast

Home Renovation Services Belfast

Belfast Contractors Traditional Skills & Craft For Home Restorations

Home restoration service may be needed for many reasons’ our team can help with:

• Lime / Standard Re-pointing
• Bricklaying
• Wall Repairs Including Buttress Reinforcement
• Identifying & Resolving Damp Issues
• Plastering
• Sourcing Reclaimed Materials & Installation
• Interior Decorating

Home restorations can be a long process but the big result is totally worth it.

Our home restoration builders will give you the best price estimation possible on your upcoming home renovation. This price takes into consider the cost of material, labour, and any additional fees. Additional fees may include things like a design, building permission for UK authorities, insurance etc. Of course, the overall price will also take into account the size, complexity and duration of the home renovation.

Restoration Services Belfast

Professional Restoration Services

Restoration Services

Restoration Damp Proofing And Waterproofing Included

Damp proofing is a term we use to label the process of treating walls, floors and other surfaces to prevent the collection of moisture and water damage. We use a variety of tools such as driers, damp proof injections, sealant etc, to get your home back to the way it was if not better. Our team of experts have experience in removing a variety of different moulds from homes, offices and other buildings. Removing mould is key to have and maintain a healthy living environment.

Our services meet the demands and needs of all our clients. We pride ourselves on having the highest qualified contractors, the best products and the latest technology for all your restoration requirements.

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